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You can get an early listen to the full Strokes album here from our friends at pitchfork and see what you think of the new album. It definitely sounds more like Julian Casablanca’s solo album than it does older strokes stuff but there are some good tracks on here as well. Let me know what you think of the new album.


The Vaccines new album Come Of Age is available to be streamed in its entirety before its release date on September 3rd.The album has a louder sound than their first effort did but with the same sort of attitude-infused hooks that have attracted many people to the band. Check out the full album in its entirety available at Listen Before You Buy. Let me know what you think.

The Avett Brothers have a new album coming out on September 11th called The Carpenter. The folk/bluegrass group continues their knack for creating songs with meaningful themes and yet catchy hooks at the same time. The album continues their journey from the band’s last effort with songs that catchy hooks mixed in with more introspective fare. You can stream the entire album on NPR before its release here at this link. i think the band has another winner on their hands, let me know what you think.

Our friends at NPR have given us another new musical treat this week by allowing us to hear the entire new Fanfarlo album before its release on Feb 28th. The album entitled Rooms Filled With Light is another good rock-folk album from the group. The band has a way of making a song that would otherwise be melancholy into a joyous experience with a great slow build that only emphasizes the impact. The band knows exactly how to get your attention and with this album I know they surely will. Check out the new album here. Stream Fanfarlo Album