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Sleigh Bells are back and have hit another winner with their single “Bitter Rivals”. With the snaps in the beginning and the the riffs that make it seem like the song is just waiting to be remixed with Kanye’s “Gold Digger” how can you not love this. Listen to the song and let me know what you think.


So the title is a little misleading, “End of the Line” is actually a new song from Sleigh Bells from their forthcoming album Reign of Terror. The band debuted the song last night on Saturday Night Live after performing their other new song “Comeback Kid”. You can check out the new song hereĀ End of the Line . If checking out this new song isn’t enough for you and waiting for February 21st to come around just won’t cut it well guess what, you can stream the entire album right now from The New York Times . Listening to the album myself i give it a 7/10 meaning there is no sophomore slump here. Here’s to Sleigh Bells rocking clubs and arenas for years to come.

Sleigh Bells have released another new song from their upcoming album Reign of Terror. The song is called “Comeback Kid” and it has a great guitar riff and nice drum kit beat to it. While the singing is less ethereal as it is in other songs by the band it works great for the song. judging by what I’ve heard so far Reign of Terror is going to excite current fans of the band and most likely bring along new onse. Check out the song here.

So fresh of the success of their first album Sleigh Bells are back with their next upcoming album called Reign Of Terror out February 14th. They’ve released a track off the album called “Born To Lose”. The song has a nice guitar riff and the soft yet powerful vocals just add to what people already love about Sleigh Bells. Treats 2? Probably not. Just as awesome? Absolutely.