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She and Him have released the first single for their new album Volume 3 and the song is called “Never wanted Your Love”. Don’t let the title fool you, the song is no somber piece. It is full of just as much sun and pep as you would expect form the duo. Check the song out below and see what you think.


So She and Him, The Strokes, and Vampire Weekend all have new albums coming out in the next few months. Rejoice! She and Him’s new album is called Volume 3 which is in keeping with their past volume themed albums. The Strokes come back with Comedown Machine and we’ll see if it results in as much debate as their last album did. Finally, Vampire Weekend is back with their third album called Modern Vampires of the City. If their last two albums are any indication the only way this would not be good is if they decided to go the heavy metal route.

So M. Ward has released a new video for the first single of his next album called A Wasteland Companion. The first single is called “The First Time I Ran Away”. The album is set to be released on April 10th. Nice to see Ward back after three years where he was mainly focusing on his side projects She and Him and Monsters of Folk. The track gets back to what people expect from Ward and if you were waiting for him to step back into his more folksy roots here then you will feel very happy about what you hear.With a return to guitar driven ethereal voice overtones this is the M. Ward we love.  Check out the video below.

So it’s 2012 and here’s to things turning out better than 2011. To ring in the new year I thought I’d share this little treat that Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt put together. The song is called “What Are You doing New Year’s Eve” and while we all know that Deschanel has the music chops as we’ve seen from She and Him, what a nice surprise from Joseph Gordon-Levitt who can play the guitar and really doesn’t have a bad voice. Nice to see these two together again after 500 Days of Summer.

Christmas in October?  I know it sounds strange but when it’s She and Him you kind of accept it and are glad that it’s happening. This little cozy acoustic number makes your heart feel a little warmer even through the holidays are still a couple of months away. The song is called the “Christmas Waltz” and it’s from She and Him’s upcoming album A Very She and Him Christmas. So my advice to you is to let the shock subside and enjoy this very nice little number.

So in recent years there has been a lot of guy girl duos to come out, the White Stripes, She and Him, and Beach House just to name a few. Well another one of those crop has just been released and they’re called Big Deal. The debut song they’ve released is called “Chair” and while it is not as edgy as the White Stripes it is more edgy and less poppy than She and Him. It has the right amount of folksiness to it and a great harmony between the two members. Right now Big Deal might not be one but I think they should be. Check them out here.

The Black Keys have recently done a cover of the Buddy Holly song “Dearest” which is going to be released on the album Rave On Buddy Holly which is a tribute album that is going to be released on June 28th. The Black Keys open up the album and put a sunny laid back feel on this one time ballad. Other artists on the album include She and Him, Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket, and Julian Casablanca from The Strokes. If all the other covers are this good this album is definitely one to check out.