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Queens of the Stone Age have released a new song called “My God is the Sun”. Their new album Like Clockwork will be released June 4th. If this new song is any indication it’s good to have these guys back.


Arcade Fire performed a new song called “Crucified Again” in New York on Thursday. There were reports that the band had performed this song earlier this year in Haiti but this is the first video of the song being performed. Check it out below and see what you think!

Band of Horses debuted a new song when they performed in a live session for MTV Brazil. The song is tentatively titled “Everything”. The Band is currently working on their 4th LP. By the two songs we’ve heard so far it seems like we’re going to be in for some more great stuff from these guys. Check out the song on Consequence of Sound here and see what you think.

At Lollapalooza in Brazil a few weeks ago Band of Horses played a new song and in a press release the band said that they were working on their 4th LP. The song is a melancholy tune that fits in perfectly with the style of the band so far. This has made me really excited for what the band is working on in the studio right now. The track is untitled but fans have dubbed it “Long Vows”. Check it out and see what you think.

Saint Motel have released another new song entitled “Honest Feedback”. The song fits perfectly with the bands happy-go-lucky style of music. This song will definitely put you into a mode that makes you feel ready to celebrate the weekend, even though today is Monday. This is the third single the band has released separately recently, a few more songs and these guys have got themselves a full length album. Judging from what I hear they need to work on that ASAP, but that’s just my honest feedback.

Indie group Good Old War are back with their third album following their self-titled 2012 release. The new album will be called Come Back As Rain and the song they have just released is called “Can’t Go Home”. The band mixes their folksy acoustic guitar and melancholy sentiment into a song that leaves you with a joyous feeling of what it’s like to come back home after a long time away. Consequence of Sound has a stream of the song and also the track list for the new album. Check out the song here Good Old War-Can’t Go Home

Saint Motel has released a new song that will appear on the first vinyl album from the band called 7 inch out November 28th. The song is called “at Least I Have Nothing” and veers away from the playful quirky tone the indie pop band is mostly known for. Like all their songs this one is up to interpretation from the listener. But for me at least, in a society filled with being on top and having the next best new thing, “At Least I Have Nothing” emphasis the fact that sometimes not having everything is what makes people the freest. Check out the song here and let me know your thoughts.

So in recent years there has been a lot of guy girl duos to come out, the White Stripes, She and Him, and Beach House just to name a few. Well another one of those crop has just been released and they’re called Big Deal. The debut song they’ve released is called “Chair” and while it is not as edgy as the White Stripes it is more edgy and less poppy than She and Him. It has the right amount of folksiness to it and a great harmony between the two members. Right now Big Deal might not be one but I think they should be. Check them out here.

If you haven’t heard of Mumford and Sons you really should jump on that. Recently while the band was on tour they stopped by the Colorado radio station KCBO and performed a yet to to be titled song. Listeners of the song however have decided to give it the title “Home”. The song has a very mellow and relaxing reel to it. It incorporates the folksy nature that we have come to expect from the band and if this is part of material from a new album I can’t wait to see what they do. Check out the song here.

Beirut has released another exclusive song from their upcoming album entitled The Rip Tide which will be released August 30th. The song called “Goshen” and with the song initially starting off with Zach Condon singing with just the piano accompanying him gives a really calm and serene feeling to the song. Then in the end the swelling of the horns and the drums coming in just adds another dimension to the song. Judging by the first two singles released from the album, including “East Harlem”. The rest of the album seems like it is going to be a winner. I will definitely be checking out the album on August 30th. Listen to the single below and let me know what you think.