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Vampire Weekend are getting ready to release their new album Modern Vampires of the City next week. As what has been happening recently with new releases lately, the and have made the album available to stream early now on iTunes. You can also check out the full album here http://grooveshark.com/playlist/Vampire+Weekend+Modern+Vampires+Of+The+City+Indie+Pop/86235498  Check out the video for the song “Ya Hey” below.


You can get an early listen to the full Strokes album here from our friends at pitchfork and see what you think of the new album. It definitely sounds more like Julian Casablanca’s solo album than it does older strokes stuff but there are some good tracks on here as well. Let me know what you think of the new album.

So this year’s past SXSW featured the band Foster the People This indie band uses keyboards and synthesizers not just for a dance/techno beat but for a funky and cool/relaxed sound as well. Their first single “Pumped Up Kicks” gives a very laid back vibe and but at the same time will probably have you blasting the song in your car. Their other single “Helena Beat” is a more of an up tempo song that will definitely have people getting out of their seat and dancing. Their debut album Torches is out right now and I would highly recommend you checking it out. Here are the singles “Pumped Up Kicks” and “Helena Beat”.  

Yuck, kind of interesting thing to name a band but hey when you play catchy music I guess you can call yourself whatever you want.  So Yuck recently released their album called Yuck, coincidence? Perhaps but the real thing we should be looking at or perhaps listening to is the music.  Their single “The Wall” has literally just two lines in it but I dare you to get away with not singing to this song once you hear it.  Kind of makes you wonder why people go through the trouble of writing versus, bridges, and chords.  These guys have definitely hit something here so check out “The Wall” from Yuck. 

Crazy Monkeys

So the Arctic Monkeys are coming out with a new album and the title is so appropriate for a British post punk band Suck It and See is the name of the new album out June 6 but I’m sure the band would prefer you just listen.  The name of their first single is “Brick by Brick” and this gets back to what we first heard from the Monkeys when they first came out.  This single gets me excited and I hope you guys are too so here is the single “Brick by Brick” from the Arctic Monkeys. 

So the Strokes are coming back with their new album entitled Angels which is coming out March 22 in the U.S.  If you watched these guys on Saturday Night Live last weekend you would have seen them perform their new single “Under Cover of Darkness” live.  Judging by their performance and hearing the recorded version of the song, it differs a little bit from their older stuff but fans of the Strokes will ot be disappointed.  So check out the new single “under Cover of Darkness” from the Strokes. 

So check out this exclusive song from Local Natives call “We Come Back” which is not on their album Gorilla Manor but hopefully more tracks like it will be coming out from them soon. 

So there are a lot of songs out there from guys which would be considered stalker songs.  Now it’s time for the females to get in on the act.  Best Coast is doing just that.  Their song Up All Night is the female stalker anthem.  With lyrics like “I want to see you forever and ever” on infinite repeat it’s hard not to think of the song as anything else.  There’s no problem with this however because the song is so good.  If there were more songs out there like this stalking might actually be acceptable.  So here is the song”Up All Night” from the band Best Coast from their album California Girls. 

The new band Young the Giant needs to be on your radar if they aren’t already.  Their first single “My Body” is a fast tempo upbeat song that will get you excited.  The album as a whole however is much deeper than this.  They deal with the kind of mundane and non-eventful nature of life itself.  The melodies will leave you wanting more as you should for a band as good as them. Check out their song “Apartment” from their self titled album.

Try To Forget

Fanfarlo is an indie/folk/amazing group from London that know how to exude emotion.  If you just need a song that will put you to sleep (in a good way) or are just having one of those days where happy songs just aren’t going to cut and your not depressed enough for death metal then these guys are what’s going to do it for you.  The music is no frills and just makes you have a good feeling after listening to it.  So here is the song “Comets” from their album Reservoir.