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The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have released anew song from their new album Mosquito out April 16th. The song is called “Sacrilege” and it takes you right back to what everyone loves about the Yeahs in the first place. as an added bonus there is a full gospel choir that kicks in near the end of the song that is just killer. Based on this track alone I already have high hopes for this album. So glad these guys are back!


Ben Gibbard has made his upcoming solo album Former Lives available to listen to in its entirety on YouTube. The album isn’t officially released until next week but you can check it out here and get the track listing below.

01 Shepherd’s Bush Lullaby
02 Dream Song
03 Teardrop Windows
04 Bigger Than Love
05 Lily
06 Something’s Rattling (Cowpoke)
07 Duncan, Where Have You Gone?
08 Oh, Woe
09 A Hard One to Know
10 Lady Adelaide
11 Broken Yolk in Western Sky
12 I’m Building a Fire

The Killers have released some artwork for their new single “Runaways” which will be released on July 10th. The single will be from their new album called Battle Born which is going to be released in the Fall. The band have also released a trailer for their upcoming album that has some samples of what we can expect. OK everyone get excited now!

Bloc Party is finally back after their really long hiatus and they are going to release a new album entitled Four. The title is fitting as this will be the band’s fourth album and it will be released on August 20th. The band has released a trailer for the new album which shows recording sessions and has snippets of new songs from the album. Check out the trailer above!

Delta Spirit have released their self-titled third album and while lyrically it is not on the same level as their last album History From Below it does show the range that the band has and the different places they can go. This album focuses much more on the instrumentation although there are still tracks such as “Home” and “California” that show the great lyricist that Matthew Vasquez is. Hopefully this will get them out there as becoming one of the more respected groups of indie rock as they clearly show that they can rely on more than acoustic guitars and poignant vocals. You can check out their entire album for free as the have it available for streaming on their official website check it out and see if you like them as much as I do.

So the Shins who just performed last week on Saturday Night Live have put up their whole album Port of Morrow on their website for you to stream. The album officially comes out next week but why not check it out right here from their site now. Enjoy!

M Ward’s new album A Wasteland Companion hits stores April 10th but he has released another new track from the album called “Primitive Girl”. This is a very upbeat and poppy tune from the artist. This song actually feels like the most appropriate song for Spring, a warm weather toe tapper. Check out the song below and also check the track list for the new album. 

A Wasteland Companion Tracklist:
01. Clean Slate (For Alex & El Goodo)
02. Primitive Girl
03. Me and My Shadow
04. Sweetheart
05. I Get Ideas
06. The First Time I Ran Away
07. A Wasteland Companion
08. Watch the Show
09. There’s a Key
10. Crawl After You
11. Wild Goose
12. Pure Joy

Our friends at NPR have given us another new musical treat this week by allowing us to hear the entire new Fanfarlo album before its release on Feb 28th. The album entitled Rooms Filled With Light is another good rock-folk album from the group. The band has a way of making a song that would otherwise be melancholy into a joyous experience with a great slow build that only emphasizes the impact. The band knows exactly how to get your attention and with this album I know they surely will. Check out the new album here. Stream Fanfarlo Album

So you remember Blur, those guys that were one of the more popular British bands of the 90’s. Well recently while performing a concert in London, the band performed a new song called “Under the West Way”. This gives hope to all the Blur fans out there that a new album will definitely be on its way soon. Add in the fact that all four members of the group are coming together to perform for the first time in three years at this years Brit Awards and I absolutely feel like we will be hearing more from the band in the near future.

So finally 5 years after releasing their last album in 2007, the Shins are back with their new album entitled Port of Morrow out March 20th. The band has released the track “Simple Song” from their new album and if the needed 5 years to produce this I’m glad they took all the time they needed. The music landscape has changed a lot since then but The Shins lovelorn observations and catchy power-pop guitar riffs are what make them able to stay around no matter what changes around them. Check out the new song below!