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Our friends at NPR have given us another new musical treat this week by allowing us to hear the entire new Fanfarlo album before its release on Feb 28th. The album entitled Rooms Filled With Light is another good rock-folk album from the group. The band has a way of making a song that would otherwise be melancholy into a joyous experience with a great slow build that only emphasizes the impact. The band knows exactly how to get your attention and with this album I know they surely will. Check out the new album here. Stream Fanfarlo Album


Try To Forget

Fanfarlo is an indie/folk/amazing group from London that know how to exude emotion.  If you just need a song that will put you to sleep (in a good way) or are just having one of those days where happy songs just aren’t going to cut and your not depressed enough for death metal then these guys are what’s going to do it for you.  The music is no frills and just makes you have a good feeling after listening to it.  So here is the song “Comets” from their album Reservoir.