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Beach House have just released a new song called “Myth” which hopefully signals that the band is on their way to releasing another album soon. The song echos in various layers with a steady guitar riff and drum beat to back up the smoky vocals of Victoria Legrand. The sound of the song is surprisingly big, you wouldn’t think that would happen coming from this band but it absolutely works here. Enjoy the song below.


So in recent years there has been a lot of guy girl duos to come out, the White Stripes, She and Him, and Beach House just to name a few. Well another one of those crop has just been released and they’re called Big Deal. The debut song they’ve released is called “Chair” and while it is not as edgy as the White Stripes it is more edgy and less poppy than She and Him. It has the right amount of folksiness to it and a great harmony between the two members. Right now Big Deal might not be one but I think they should be. Check them out here.

Here is an exclusive new song from the band Beach House. The song is entitled “I Do Not Care For the Winter Sun”. The crooning of Victoria Legrand leaves you with sort of a haunting feeling. Alex Scally accompanies perfectly on guitar and keyboards. The song is not on their latest album Teen Dream but you can listen to it hear and hopefully you will pick up their latest album if you like what you hear.