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The Vaccines new album Come Of Age is available to be streamed in its entirety before its release date on September 3rd.The album has a louder sound than their first effort did but with the same sort of attitude-infused hooks that have attracted many people to the band. Check out the full album in its entirety available at Listen Before You Buy. Let me know what you think.


The Avett Brothers have a new album coming out on September 11th called The Carpenter. The folk/bluegrass group continues their knack for creating songs with meaningful themes and yet catchy hooks at the same time. The album continues their journey from the band’s last effort with songs that catchy hooks mixed in with more introspective fare. You can stream the entire album on NPR before its release here at this link. i think the band has another winner on their hands, let me know what you think.

Ben Gibbard has had side projects (The Postal Service) and has released solo singles on his own before but now he has finally decided to come out with a full solo album without Death Cab For Cutie. the album will be released October 16th but until then he has unveiled the song called “Teardrop Windows” to show us what we can expect. The title of the album will be Former Lives and you can check out the song here and see what you think.

We finally have an expected release date for Band of Horses anticipated 4th studio album. The album Mirage Rock is expected to be released September 18th and from the track listing the song “Long Vows” which they debuted earlier in concert has made the album. Also, the band has released a new song called “Knock Knock”which shows off the lighter side of the band. Lets face it, no matter how many times this band changes members can they really do any wrong?

Muse has put out a new song from their upcoming album The 2nd Law. The album should be out October 2nd and the song the band just put out is called “Madness”. You may have already heard their song “Survival” performed at the closing ceremonies for the Olympics. The band keeps diversifying their sound and going deeper into their creative tool bags. Check out the song and see what you think.

Mumford and Sons have released the audio for a new song coming off their upcoming album. The song is called “I Will Wait”and the new album is called Babel and will be released on September 24th. The song sounds like the band is picking up exactly where they left off with their last album. Thumping drums, banjo, guitar and horns are what you are going to get and the distinctive voice of Marcus Mumford. If you wanted more of what these guys put out before well then you’re in luck so check out the song here.

Paul Banks, the lead singer of Interpol, has released a new song presumably from an upcoming solo album. The song is called “The Base” and while it has hints of Interpol but you can definitely tell that this is more of Banks’ own style. It’s a solid song and certainly something that should make you curious about what a full album could entail check it out at the link here.

Grizzly Bear has released some of their first music in over 3 years. the band will be putting out a new album later this year called Shields. Well the band released a new song first played on the BBC entitled “Yet Again”. So far it sounds like the wait was well worth it for the band’s upcoming album. The song has a relaxed an chill feeling with the chorus really coming through. check out the song below and let me know what you think of what’s coming up Grizzly Bear.