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At Lollapalooza in Brazil a few weeks ago Band of Horses played a new song and in a press release the band said that they were working on their 4th LP. The song is a melancholy tune that fits in perfectly with the style of the band so far. This has made me really excited for what the band is working on in the studio right now. The track is untitled but fans have dubbed it “Long Vows”. Check it out and see what you think.


Beach House have released another single off of their upcoming album Bloom entitled “Lazuli”. The song starts off with a sort of muzzled synth-tone but then quickly morphs into something more forceful and explosive. Almost like an overwhelming burst of colors. You will definitely feel satisfied after hearing this song. The band also has made the b-side “Equal Mind” available for streaming. This song will not be on the album but you can check it out here instead or pick up the 7-inch vinyl at your record store. 

So you probably have never heard of Dive before but that’s okay as that’s why people read blogs, to find out about new stuff that they haven’t stumbled upon themselves. Well Dive is a Brooklyn based band that separates itself from the numerous other ones with its guitar-driven bleary eyed riffs. Their song “How Long Have You Known” puts lead singer Smith’s melodic vocals against a backdrop of breezy full-bodied instrumentation that leaves the listener in a very chill mood after hearing it. So check out Dive’s “How Long Have You Known” here and let me know what you think.