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The Silversun Pickups are getting to release their new album Neck of The Woods on May 8th and for the occasion they have decided to release a new track. The track is called “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)”. I happen to think that this track is very good and you can see that the band had a lot of time to explore and think about what they wanted on this new album. Check out the song below and let me know what you think of Silversun’s new offering.


Delta Spirit have released their self-titled third album and while lyrically it is not on the same level as their last album History From Below it does show the range that the band has and the different places they can go. This album focuses much more on the instrumentation although there are still tracks such as “Home” and “California” that show the great lyricist that Matthew Vasquez is. Hopefully this will get them out there as becoming one of the more respected groups of indie rock as they clearly show that they can rely on more than acoustic guitars and poignant vocals. You can check out their entire album for free as the have it available for streaming on their official website check it out and see if you like them as much as I do.

So the Shins who just performed last week on Saturday Night Live have put up their whole album Port of Morrow on their website for you to stream. The album officially comes out next week but why not check it out right here from their site now. Enjoy!

Beach House have just released a new song called “Myth” which hopefully signals that the band is on their way to releasing another album soon. The song echos in various layers with a steady guitar riff and drum beat to back up the smoky vocals of Victoria Legrand. The sound of the song is surprisingly big, you wouldn’t think that would happen coming from this band but it absolutely works here. Enjoy the song below.

So The Hunger Games is a popular book series that is getting its movie version released this month. Full disclosure, I haven’t read the books mainly because I like to avoid anything that starts to become crazy popular no matter what it is. Back on topic though, Arcade Fire who haven’t released any new music in almost a year have just released the song “Abraham’s Daughter” which will be on the movie soundtrack for The Hunger Games. It doesn’t sound like the stuff from their award winning album The Suburbs but still quite cool nonetheless. Check out the song on Listen Before You Buy here.

The Shins have released a video for a new song off their upcoming album Port of Morrow called “Bait and Switch”. The song has a sort of island vibe to it with the same great vocals and guitar play that we are used to hearing from the Shins. If you can’t get enough of the Shins new music they will be on an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live with Jonah Hill hosting.

Saint Motel have released another new song entitled “Honest Feedback”. The song fits perfectly with the bands happy-go-lucky style of music. This song will definitely put you into a mode that makes you feel ready to celebrate the weekend, even though today is Monday. This is the third single the band has released separately recently, a few more songs and these guys have got themselves a full length album. Judging from what I hear they need to work on that ASAP, but that’s just my honest feedback.

NPR has made Bird’s new album Break It Yourself available for streaming in its entirety. The album starts of quietly and then builds into a great blooming achievement that continues to show off what a great talent Bird is. There are not many real “artists” today like their used to be so getting to experience one that is clearly in his prime is a treat for the listening audience. Check out the link here to Stream the album on NPR’s First Listen.