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So three years between albums isn’t really that long considering other layoffs but it’s still been a while and it’s nice to know that the very creative Andrew Bird will be giving us another album this year. The new album will be called Break It Yourself and will be out on March 6th. The first single from the album is “Eyeoneye” The song has chimes and whistles and all the other things you would expect from the multi-talented artist. You’ll be put into a very chill mood after listening and will also be wanting more, but for that you have to wait. Until then, check out the first single here.


Sleigh Bells have released another new song from their upcoming album Reign of Terror. The song is called “Comeback Kid” and it has a great guitar riff and nice drum kit beat to it. While the singing is less ethereal as it is in other songs by the band it works great for the song. judging by what I’ve heard so far Reign of Terror is going to excite current fans of the band and most likely bring along new onse. Check out the song here.

So fresh of the success of their first album Sleigh Bells are back with their next upcoming album called Reign Of Terror out February 14th. They’ve released a track off the album called “Born To Lose”. The song has a nice guitar riff and the soft yet powerful vocals just add to what people already love about Sleigh Bells. Treats 2? Probably not. Just as awesome? Absolutely.

So finally 5 years after releasing their last album in 2007, the Shins are back with their new album entitled Port of Morrow out March 20th. The band has released the track “Simple Song” from their new album and if the needed 5 years to produce this I’m glad they took all the time they needed. The music landscape has changed a lot since then but The Shins lovelorn observations and catchy power-pop guitar riffs are what make them able to stay around no matter what changes around them. Check out the new song below! 

So a few things have just come out that are starting to make me believe that 2012 is going to turn out to be a great year. The first thing is that bloc Party will finally release their 4th studio album sometime this year. The lead singer has said that the band is currently working on material in New York.

Other good news is that The Killers said that they will also release their 4th album this year as well. According to lead singer Brandon Flowers it’s just a matter of whether the album “will be released in the summer time or the winter time”. Also don’t don’t be expecting a rehash of all their other albums on this record, the band wants to not make any sequels and will just take the best parts of everything and go from their.

Finally, Miles Kane has revealed that a new Last Shadow Puppets album is in the works. While he didn’t give an exact time frame “maybe this year, maybe next year” Kane did say that they will be releasing something when the time is right. Yep 2012 is already really starting to look up!

So it’s 2012 and here’s to things turning out better than 2011. To ring in the new year I thought I’d share this little treat that Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt put together. The song is called “What Are You doing New Year’s Eve” and while we all know that Deschanel has the music chops as we’ve seen from She and Him, what a nice surprise from Joseph Gordon-Levitt who can play the guitar and really doesn’t have a bad voice. Nice to see these two together again after 500 Days of Summer.