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So a little over a year after the release of the great album Brothers, the Black Keys are back with their new album El Camino which is produced by the band and Danger Mouse. The first single entitled “Lonely Boy” will be released October 26. Here you can see the album artwork and the track listing and also a funny trailer for the album. Artwork

  1. Lonely Boy
  2. Dead And Gone
  3. Gold On The Ceiling
  4. Little Black Submarines
  5. Money Maker
  6. Run Right Back
  7. Sister
  8. Hell Of A Season
  9. Stop Stop
  10. Nova Baby
  11. Mind Eraser

So Los Campesinos! has an upcoming album coming out and the title track has just been released entitled “Hello Sadness” If the sound on this track is indicituve of what else the album has to offer, dare I say we might have something Arcade Fire-esque? I really like what I hear so far. It’s up tempo and with high powered chords that and a rockin chorus. I hope the rest of the album is like this. Check out the song here.

Christmas in October?  I know it sounds strange but when it’s She and Him you kind of accept it and are glad that it’s happening. This little cozy acoustic number makes your heart feel a little warmer even through the holidays are still a couple of months away. The song is called the “Christmas Waltz” and it’s from She and Him’s upcoming album A Very She and Him Christmas. So my advice to you is to let the shock subside and enjoy this very nice little number.