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So recently Weezer and The Flaming Lips took to the stage together to perform a couple shows in New Jersey. When I say they took the stage together I mean that they set up their equipment side by side and performed together. You can actually check out the video of them performing the 1990 hit “She Don’t Use Jelly” from The Flaming Lips. Rivers Cuomo actually sings it and does a great job. Check it out below.


So the band Singapore has decided to release some new music and from listening to it you will find that the music is very entertainingly witty and fun. in my experience most things named after a country usually turn out to be OK and this band is no exception. If fans of bands like Spoon and Pavement I don’t see how you will be disappointed. So check these guys out Here and you will also be able to download their whole album.

So in recent years there has been a lot of guy girl duos to come out, the White Stripes, She and Him, and Beach House just to name a few. Well another one of those crop has just been released and they’re called Big Deal. The debut song they’ve released is called “Chair” and while it is not as edgy as the White Stripes it is more edgy and less poppy than She and Him. It has the right amount of folksiness to it and a great harmony between the two members. Right now Big Deal might not be one but I think they should be. Check them out here.

My Morning Jacket is one of the bands on a cover album of various Muppets songs that is going to be released for the movie on August 23rd. The band decided to cover the song “Our World” which originally aired on a Christmas episode. I think that the band did a great job with the song and I can absolutely not wait not only for the movie but for the rest of the bands involved to release their tracks as well. You can check out the trackĀ here and let me know what you think.

We Were Promised Jet Packs just put out a song from their album In The Pit Of The Stomach which won’t be released until October 4th. The song is called “Act On Impulse” and it really acts like a slow burning ban fire that starts out as next to nothing and theĀ  erupts into this awesome display of power and strength. Hopefully the rest of their album brings more stuff like this as I really enjoyed this debut song. You can check out the song here and let me know what you think.

Gomez recently released their new album Whateer’s On Your Mind and the first single from that album is called “Options”. The song has a very whimsical feel to it especially in the chorus. If you’re not feeling very optimistic about things this song will probably do the trick for you. Using words from Dr. Seuss really can’t hurt your chances of creating a great track. Check out the video for their song here and let me know what you think.

If you haven’t heard of Mumford and Sons you really should jump on that. Recently while the band was on tour they stopped by the Colorado radio station KCBO and performed a yet to to be titled song. Listeners of the song however have decided to give it the title “Home”. The song has a very mellow and relaxing reel to it. It incorporates the folksy nature that we have come to expect from the band and if this is part of material from a new album I can’t wait to see what they do. Check out the song here.