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Saint Motel has put out a new song called “Puzzle Pieces”. Hopefully this means that the band is working on a follow up to their last album called For Play. The song starts off with a piano riff that is kind of similar to Matt and Kim but then moves into the intoxicatingly fun rhythm that most people are used to hearing from these guys. I really enjoy this song and hope that there is more to come from these guys.


The killers have said that they have about four or five songs ready for an new album, the first they would release since their 2008 album Day and Age. In London this past week the band debuted one of their new songs in concert entitled “The Rising Tide”.¬† Judging from this video the song is freaking awesome. It starts off with keyboards and then gets into the feel of what people would normally see from The Killers. If this song is any indication fans should be really excited from when the band decides to release the album. Check out the song “The Rising Tide” here.

Coldplay has released another new song from their upcoming EP Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall coming out this Sunday June 26th.¬† The song is called “Moving To Mars” and it starts out somberly at first with Chris Martin on Piano but then picks up just a tad with the addition of guitar and drums. The song, appropriately enough, has a very spacey vibe to it. By the end of it you will really get the feeling of floating in outer space somewhere.

So True Blood is a series on HBO and its huge. Adding to the upcoming season premiere that’s happening this Sunday June 26th is the release of a cover of The Zombies hit “She’s Not There” which is performed by Nick Cave and Neko Case. Neko Case really does a good job during the verses and the bridge of the song, as it kind of throws back to that era but in a more updated way. Nick Cave adds the appropriate creepy vibe on the chorus that is needed for a show that deals with vampires, werewolves, and fairies. This song should fit right in on the premiere of the new season of the show. If vampires aren’t really your thing you can check out the song right Here

The band Bombay Bicycle Club has released their new single “Shuffle” from their upcoming album A Different Kind Of Fix which is out on August 29th. The album starts off with a piano riff that is kind of house/ragtime in feel and the uplifting chorus gives the song a very pleasant feeling to it. This song seems much less folk like the band tried to do n their last album and more like their pop roots. This song definitely feels like one of the tracks of the summer and as the title of their album suggests, hopefully some of their other tracks will be too.

¬†Coldplay has released two new songs from their upcoming album. The first is called “Major/Minus” and is a little different than the first single that was released “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”. The use of the acoustic guitar as the focal point really ads a nice element to the song. The other song that the band released is “Hurts Like Heaven”. This song is more like the Coldplay songs that fans are used to. The crescendos and and vocals of Chris Martin really ad flavor to the song. We’ll see what the rest of the album has to bring but for right now check ou the songs here.

The Black Keys have recently done a cover of the Buddy Holly song “Dearest” which is going to be released on the album Rave On Buddy Holly which is a tribute album that is going to be released on June 28th. The Black Keys open up the album and put a sunny laid back feel on this one time ballad. Other artists on the album include She and Him, Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket, and Julian Casablanca from The Strokes. If all the other covers are this good this album is definitely one to check out.

Ty Segall has released his new album entitled Goodbye Bread which is also the name of a track on the album. Segall goes into a mellower mood on this album almost exuding a Frankie Valli style cool. Most of Segall’s other albums have him screaming more and since he has long shaggy hair the comparisons to Kurt Cobain are inevitable. While I’m sure that’s not what he wants it’s not too far off a comparison. Just as easily as he can rip it up he can tone it down just as well. Check out the song “Goodbye Bread’ from the album of the same name. Here

So When you normally hear the words “how deep is your love” you think of the song from the Bee Gees. Now dance/punk band The Rapture wants you to think of them when you hear it. The band returns with their next album entitled In The Grace Of Your Love which will be released September 6. The first single from the album “How Deep Is Your Love” has a disco feel to it and while that may turn some people off, I think the song is too infectious for anyone to not start dancing to it once the song gets going. Check it out for yourself right Here

So in these times of political sex scandals a more perfect song could not come out at a time like now than “Senator” from Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks. I mean the chorus just says it all, “what the Senator wants is a blow job”. So not only is this song “politically appropriate” but it’s also pretty freaking catchy. You’ll definitely see yourself singing this song, just as long as no one else is around, whenever you hear it come on. The band’s album Mirror Traffic will come out August 23rd and was produced by Beck which is another good sign from these guys. Check out their single below and let me know what you think.