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Local Natives is a band from L.A. and their music has some of the best harmonies that you will ever hear.  Their songs deal with the challenges of life but do it in such an optimistic way that you can’t help but feel a little better about things after you listen.  There is a strong pulse running through the songs and though some times the band goes off on ethereal topics, it almost always seems to serve a purpose.  So in my view you need to check these guys out. Here is the song “Shape Shifter” off their debut album Gorilla Manor. 


So there are a lot of songs out there from guys which would be considered stalker songs.  Now it’s time for the females to get in on the act.  Best Coast is doing just that.  Their song Up All Night is the female stalker anthem.  With lyrics like “I want to see you forever and ever” on infinite repeat it’s hard not to think of the song as anything else.  There’s no problem with this however because the song is so good.  If there were more songs out there like this stalking might actually be acceptable.  So here is the song”Up All Night” from the band Best Coast from their album California Girls. 

The new band Young the Giant needs to be on your radar if they aren’t already.  Their first single “My Body” is a fast tempo upbeat song that will get you excited.  The album as a whole however is much deeper than this.  They deal with the kind of mundane and non-eventful nature of life itself.  The melodies will leave you wanting more as you should for a band as good as them. Check out their song “Apartment” from their self titled album.

Try To Forget

Fanfarlo is an indie/folk/amazing group from London that know how to exude emotion.  If you just need a song that will put you to sleep (in a good way) or are just having one of those days where happy songs just aren’t going to cut and your not depressed enough for death metal then these guys are what’s going to do it for you.  The music is no frills and just makes you have a good feeling after listening to it.  So here is the song “Comets” from their album Reservoir.

You may know David Bazan as the lead singer for Pedro the Lion.  He does however have his own solo album and I do recommend that you check it out.  If you like music that makes you sit down and think about things for a while then this is perfect for you. His song Hard To Be really deals with questions of religion and what it means to actually do the right thing.  This thought provoking music should be something that everyone takes a minute and listens to. So below is the single Hard To Be.