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So Hellogoodbye recently released its new album Would It Kill You? This album is filled with the heart of a hopeless romantic who can’t help but put his feelings into some catchy choruses.  The song “Finding Something To Do” waxes poetically on how when you’re with that special someone there will never be a dull moment.  This song is definitely one of the more infectious songs on the album and if you’re not careful you’ll find yourself singing right along, so check out “Finding Something To Do” form Hellogoodbye. 


Quiet Please!

It’s getting a little quiet here so why not talk about a song that deals with being quiet.  Or at least in a quiet town. Here’s the song “Quiet Town” from Josh Rouse 

So I know everyone is a little fatigued from all the election stuff going on but finally once all is said and done and whether or not the guy you voted for won the U.S. finally has some royalty.  Well to be more exact the band U.S. Royalty has released their first single Equestrian.  Just listening to their first song I can tell these guys are going to be good.  Check out the single below and see what you think but they definitely have my vote especially after this weeks events. U.S. Royalty-Equestrian