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So their new album came out this summer and if you haven’t gotten it you really should.  Band Of Horses is a great band that makes interesting good toe tapping music.  Their new album ‘Infinite Arms”  is out now and there are many strong tracks on it. Here is one of the songs “Dilly” that you should really check out. GET THIS ALBUM!!!! 


So wile there name is part French, their music is not.  If you like good music but also like to hear other instruments besides just guitars and drums these guys have it.  Violins, Cellos, you name it it’s all here.  A very classical indie type of sound that exudes some serious emotion when they play. These guys seriously need some more air time so check out their song “Goodbye Versailles” from their album “To Travel and Trunks”

New stuff from Cold War Kids

So many people loved what they heard from their first album “Robbers and Cowards”.  Their second album “Loyalty to Loyalty” was not as well received.  We can chalk that up to a sophomore slump, I mean they were a new band trying to find out what they really wanted to do.  Now they are coming out with their third album “Mine is Your”s and judging form the first track while it is not exactly like their first album it seems like it will be a lot better than their second.  So check out the first single “Royal Blue” from their upcoming album.  

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Check out this blog it’s great for music news and giving links to new songs and videos that are out there.

On The Rise

So this band is called Snowden and they are from Atlanta by way of Athens.  They’ve really got a good sound. They are kind of like Interpol except the lead singer has less of an annoying voice.  Their new album Anti-Anti is really good and hopefully these guys will get some recognition in the future. Gonna say it… best thing to come out of Athens since REM. 

For all you Sigur Ros fans out there… and there should be a lot of you!

Ok, not strictly brand new music, but it’s new to me, so it shall be blogged. Here is the first single from the debut album of Jonsi, the lead singer of Sigur Ros, titled Go. The single is called Go Do, and the video is slightly odd, but I rather like the song. Jonsi’s voice is unique to say the least, oddly ethereal in my opinion. Sigur Ros fans should love this, others may not. Here’s the audio version, because the video won’t embed, but the li … Read More

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We Are Hunted – The Online Music Chart. This site has some new music as well that have been burning up the online charts!

So I know many of you may be familiar with the band atomic Tom from their YouTube video where they played their song Take Me Out with iPhones on the subway.  Well if you thought these guys were just a gimmick think again.  They really have some talent there.  Check out another song from their album The Moment.  

So everyone needs a little pick me up now and then.  For whatever reason life doesn’t really always go the way we want it to.  These guys are the perfect antidote to sheer your mood.  Granted if you already are in a good mood they can be kind of annoying but for those gloomy times here’s a sure way to bring in the sunshine. 

So these guys are from Seattle but you wouldn’t know that from their sound. They debuted in 2008 and have a nice folk and country mix to them.  Check them out and see what you think.